White Alba Truffles, tuber magnatum,  are one of the world's rarest and most coveted foods. Truly wild, this fungus is impossible to plant, seed, or predict.   Truffle hunters guard the secret of their favorite hunting grounds, and often use highly specialized truffle dogs to find them. 

Found in a small area in Northern Italy, white alba truffles often grow in a symbiotic relationship with oak and hazelnut trees. Incredibly aromatic, their flavor is unlike anything else in the world. 

White Alba Truffle season only lasts a few short weeks each year in October and November.  Join us for the fourth annual week-long celebration of our favorite fungus beginning Monday, November 5th.  Whether with a five-course tasting menu, or white truffles shaved over soft-scrambled eggs, we can’t wait to celebrate truffle season with you!  

This celebration is building-wide!  Check out the offerings at our sister restaurants, Sportello and Drink.



 Truffle Week five-course tasting menu
$315 per person  |  $125 wine pairing


Shave White Alba Truffles Over Any Course

prices are exclusive of tax and gratuity. the truffle week menu is available in addition