At Menton, Executive Wine Director Cat Silirie has thoughtfully curated a wine list that is in perfect synergy with the cuisine and aesthetic of the restaurant, and offers the opportunity for wonderful discoveries.

We have long said that what is not on our wine list is as important as what is. So often, the creation of a grand list involves covering enormous ground to ensure that all of the “important” bottles are present, sometimes forgetting the food and culture of a restaurant and the dining experience of the guest. Cat’s wine list is edited to create a thoughtful collection that is perfectly scaled to the cuisine and aesthetic of Menton and that emanates a distinct point of view full of wonderful discoveries. For example, when reviewing the champagnes offered, guests might notice a Dom Perignon Oenotheque alongside an obscure, small grower champagne that demonstrates the same typicity but at a very different price-point beautifully illustrating Cat’s ethos of providing selections perfect for the menu and not for the sake of themselves.

The entire collection is united by the shared qualities of balance, grace, and, of course, typicity (or as the French say typicité), the idea that wines can perfectly express their varietal origins and truly capture a “taste of place”.  It’s not simply about the varietal but about the soil, the geography, the microclimate, and the weather…the myriad qualities that make a rosé from Provence taste like, well, a rosé from Provence.

Along with ample representation of Cat’s beloved old world wines from France, Italy, and Austria, Menton’s list features a selection of beautiful American wines from small growers that Cat has long admired.