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Nick Hatanaka didn't set out to work in restaurants. In fact, he had an entirely different career path in mind - after 6 years of working in the financial services industry, Nick had planned to join the Army.  Forced to find a new plan after an injury, Nick applied to Menton in 2013 as a back server, for what he thought would be an interim position. 

Nick quickly fell in love with the culture of education, attention to detail, luxurious offerings, and passionate staff at Menton, and knew that he had found the right career path. Nick credits his success in the industry to his interest in food and adventurous palate - he's never one to turn down a taste of something new. He also cites his work in financial services as important in teaching him attention to detail, which has proven invaluable during service. Although hired as a back server, Nick quickly rose through the ranks and became a kitchen server, then expediter, within his first 2.5 years. He was promoted to Service Manager in spring 2016, became Menton's Assistant General Manager in late 2017, and has been the General Manager since Summer 2018.

Nick's role at Menton is multifaceted. He liaises with the kitchen staff on menu changes, oversees the front-of-house staff, and handles the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. Nick is proud that his role allows him the unique opportunity to change a guest's life for the better. "We may just be serving food and beverage," he says, "but seeing my staff making genuine connections with our guests and being a part of that is inspiring." Nick enjoys working closely with Executive Wine Director Cat Silirie in his role, and hopes to be recognized as a manager who is fair, levelheaded, and leads by example.

On a perfect day off, Nick would be hiking with his wife and their dog, enjoying sushi and rosé for dinner, then go bowling with his brothers.