In celebration of the release of Chef Barbara's memoir we're very excited to host a unique evening of storytelling at Menton with our beloved friends of Hirsch Vineyards. 

Stories You Can Taste
An Evening of Storytelling with Great Food, Great Wine & Great Friends

Tuesday, April 4th
5:30-6:30pm arrival -or- 7:30-8:30pm arrival

$235 per person (ticket link below)
includes signed copy of Barbara's memoir, and gratuity.  Tax additional.


In her new memoir, Out of Line: A Life of Playing with Fire, Chef Barbara Lynch tells the stories behind some of the dishes that have brought her international recognition.  To commemorate it's April 11th release, Menton is hosting an evening of storytelling -- the kind of stories you can taste.

Joining Barbara to celebrate their shared love of storytelling will be the Barbara Lynch Gruppo's own chief storyteller, Executive Wine Director Cat Silirie, and winemakers David and Jasmine Hirsch of Hirsch Vineyards.  The enduring friendship between Barbara, Cat, David and his family is a treasured story of a band of three who travel to a remote vineyard on the extreme Sonoma Coast to create a new Pinot Noir blend capturing the energy of the San Andreas Fault.  This story [full story below] and so many more will make for a most memorable evening featuring some of Barbara's favorite dishes past and present paired with six wines from Hirsch Vineyards.  All guests will receive a signed copy of the new memoir, and enjoy an evening of stories they can taste. 

Storytelling Stops


Fried Oysters and B&G Tartar Sauce

Cocktail Shrimp

Tuna Conserva Crostini and Capers


2015 Hirsch Vineyards Estate Chardonnay


Beet Salad, Great Blue Hill cheese, frisee, and black olive croutons

Focaccia, Prosciutto, and Vin Santo Cured Chestnuts

2010 Hirsch Vineyards Bohan Dillon Estate Pinot Noir


Tartare of Beef and Toast

Tomato Tarte Tatin

Lobster Tartlet, Black Truffle, and Fines Herbes

2014 Hirsch Vineyards San Andreas Fault Estate Pinot Noir


Lasagna Bolognese

Truffled Gnocchi, peas, mushrooms, and lobster

2014 Hirsch Vineyards West Ridge Estate Pinot Noir


Yogurt-Marinated Lamb, Rosemary, and Crispy Potatoes

Pork loin and fig sauce

Ligurian Potato Salad

Eggplant, pinenut-golden raisin vinaigrette, and feta

2014 Hirsch Vineyards Block 8 Estate Pinot Noir




Lemon Tartlets

Bread Pudding, caramel, chocolate, and creme anglaise

2014 Hirsch Vineyards Storyteller's Cuvee Estate Pinot Noir

Sometimes in life, someone comes along who brings unexpected adventure.  We’re lucky enough to have forged a relationship with David Hirsch, who has enriched our company culture in more ways than we can express.

Cat and David met following his first dinner at No. 9 Park.  He was so impassioned by the food, atmosphere and service that he extended an invitation on the spot to collaborate on a custom Pinot Noir blend together with Barbara.  Cat and Barbara immediately accepted the opportunity to work with this visionary winemaker hailing from the extreme Sonoma Coast.  Within just an hour, they formulated and solidified a plan to travel to his estate – a process not typically this profoundly simple and effective!

Deb Jones, a friend and the photographer for Barbara’s cookbook, Stir, was based in San Francisco. Deb graciously offered to drive them up the Sonoma coast.  David warned against using the map as a guide for travel time.  Boy was he right!  Because the Pacific Coast Highway takes so many twists and turns, it takes much longer to drive than the mileage would suggest – renowned wine writer Hugh Johnson likens the drive to a meandering trip along ancient whale paths.

Many don’t realize how uninhabited it is along the Sonoma coast.  In fact, the place where Barbara and Cat were advised to get groceries was almost an hour away!  It is important to appreciate how remote the winery is to understand it as a place, located over the San Andreas Fault.  David says that cultivating vines there is like, “living on the back of a dragon when the dragon is about to wake up.”  The energy of the San Andreas Fault is so strong that David credits it’s effects on the flavor and character of his wine saying, “it is my terroir.”

Finally arriving, Barbara, Cat and Deb first spent hours walking through David’s stunning vineyards with him and his daughter Jasmine.  Once in the winery itself, they began an arduous afternoon of tasting raw wine samples.  Though Barbara and Cat might have taken a more intuitive approach, David wanted them to define and understand the qualities of each grape.  As a farmer first and foremost, he takes great care to separate his land into parcels, each dedicated to almost-endless variations of Pinot Noir.  David wanted to taste various parcels as well as different barrelings from within each!  Barbara, not wanting to insult their host, kicked Cat under the table to signal she was ready for the next step in their adventure.  Trusting their intuition, Cat, Barbara, and David honed in on the three parcels to use as the base of their blend.  David was impressed that Cat saw her way through all of the information, and landed on something she felt really strongly about.  The first vintage (2007) of Storyteller’s Cuvee was born!

Staying for dinner at the Hirsch’s home, David’s wife Marie made a beautiful meal while David pulled wines from his cellar.  Over the course of their visit, Cat’s admiration grew for her new friend’s almost magical talent for storytelling.  During dinner, David wondered if “No. 9 Park Cuvee” should be the name of their wine until Cat suggested “Storyteller’s Cuvee” instead, to honor David’s remarkable gift.  David proclaimed, “I love it!  I’ve always considered myself a storyteller” and offered to come to Boston annually to tell the story of each new vintage; this became a beloved tradition.  Marie, an artist, offered to paint the Storyteller’s label with an oculus, Latin for eye, surrounded by color and light.  Marie intended the oculus to symbolize both the light and energy of the Sonoma cost and San Andreas Fault, as well as that of the three ladies she had just met!